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    I recently got a graphic card given to me, a 8800 GTS 312mb. I played on it for a day, then noticed the PC temperature level was getting high, so I installed Speedfan 3.48, watched it for a day. I noticed the GPU temperature and this thing called temperature 1 ( presumably graphic card) were shooting up when playing games, to an unhealthy level of about 72 for my GPU and 120 for Temp 1. My question whether I either need to get more fans to cool the system, or get a new higher watt PSU so there's more voltage and less resistance?

    My specs:Manufacturer:
    BIOSTAR Group
    AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4400+, MMX, 3DNow (2 CPUs), ~2.3GHz
    2046MB RAM
    Hard Drive:
    250 GB
    Video Card:
    NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS
    Power Supply: 450W

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    Re: Fan or PSU

    More fans, and/or dust out the ones you have. PSU wattage doesn't make a difference in CPU/GPU temperatures.
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      Re: Fan or PSU

      sort of solved the problem, give it a clean like you suggested and then Xsoldier sent me some software so I can put the fan at 100%.


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        Re: Fan or PSU

        Nvidias 8xxx series GPUs runs very hot.. 72c is safe though, however dont allow it to reach over 80c

        and as for temperature 1... check the chart and she if it changes its temp, if it doesnt then its not recording any temp and just sending fake temp reading out... I have one it says AUX is constantly 125c


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          Re: Fan or PSU

          just to be safe you should add a fan there only about $5-10 for 80 or 120 mm




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