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Ethernet issues. Any ideas on this?

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  • Ethernet issues. Any ideas on this?

    I was playing WaW last night and my internet went dead. I rebooted the modem and everything else I could think of to get back online. When I go into my control panel and look at my network connections, I don't see anything there. If I log onto the internet and run the diagnostic, it says that there is no network/internet card. Anyone else ever run into this.

    Could it be a virus or is my motherboards ethernet port shot.

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    Re: Ethernet issues. Any ideas on this?

    Check Device Manager to see if your card is there. Switch the view to "by connection" if not and trace down through the buses to see if it's where it should be, or if there's a mystery device there.

    There's a couple reasons it might be absent:
    • The hardware can't be detected. Most NICs are on the PCI bus (some external ones might be USB) and you should see it listed as attached to one of your PCI buses. (There's usually more than one PCI bus, connected by PCI bridges. USB buses usually hang off of PCI buses.)
    • The driver may be missing or corrupted. The hardware may show up in Device Manager as a mystery device, and Windows doesn't know what to do with it because the driver that matches the device's "signature" is missing.

    Modern devices have a code wired into them that identify the device's manufacturer, model number, serial number, and generic device type. This is used to determine what driver should be used for it. Open a device's properties in Device Manager and look on the Details tab under Hardware Ids and Compatible Ids. (Compatible is the generic type, for when many different products can use the same driver.)

    For example, here's the ID for my motherboard Atheros NIC:


    It says this was found on the PCI bus, belongs to vendor 1969, and is product 1026. You can find tables on the Internet that let you identify what this is just from this code.
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      Re: Ethernet issues. Any ideas on this?

      Thanks for the advice Scratch. I'll look into what you said when I get home tonight.




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