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Can't even log into my account.

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  • Can't even log into my account.

    Note: I'm typing this from my parents computer, not my own as it is trying to annoy me to death.

    OS: Windows Vista (don't cringe please ;)) 32-bit
    Processor: Pentium Core Duo 2.5 Ghz
    Memory: 4 Gb of Ram
    Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT

    Alright guys and girls, here is the deal. During start up of my laptop earlier today, it encountered an error. So the Startup Repair program began and suggested I restore the computer to an earlier date. I did this and it worked fine for awhile, then I put the computer to sleep. Later on today I went to start up my computer to play on of my games and when it brings me to the account screen it starts asking me for a password. Now I used to have a password, but then I removed it for the sake of time and effort. I still remember what password I chose as well, but when I try putting it in it says its the wrong password. All other password attempts fail as well.

    What is worse is that I'm starting to get several internal errors that seem to be about my fingerprint security software which I really should have removed from my system. Also after about a minute of sitting at the startup profile screen the computer will automatically restart itself.

    So this is pretty much my problem. I'm very annoyed since I just wiped my computer about 2 weeks ago and everything was running smoothly. I decided to run my problem by you all to see what you think. I'm taking my computer to a friend of mine who works on computers for a living and have him take a look at it. If that doesn't work then I guess I'll try another wipe or worse yet, call dell *shiver*.

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    Re: Can't even log into my account.

    I use Vista 64 Ultimate and have been happy with it. But I don't change the config much and don't have any biometric authentication installed. (Sounds cool, esp. for a laptop that might get stolen.)

    Given that you don't have much invested in what's on it right now (having wiped it recently), I'd be inclined to reinstall from scratch, as it sounds like the OS has gotten corrupted.

    Unfortunately Windows is a can of spaghetti with dependencies going everywhere and if you replace the wrong file with the wrong version, all kinds of things start breaking in mysterious ways, and only someone with lots of acronyms after his name (and who charges a lot) has any hope of unraveling it.

    I'd strongly recommend installing your games and personal data on an external drive, so you can wipe and reinstall the OS as painlessly as possible. I just moved all my stuff to a new external drive, partly because I needed more space, but also just in case I needed to do a full wipe.
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