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Dell Inspiron 1521 (dim/dark laptop screen)

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  • Dell Inspiron 1521 (dim/dark laptop screen)

    Just checking my thoughts on this...

    my daughter sprayed some windex onto the screen of the laptop... now the screen is very dark/dim. I can see icons (barely), I can see a buble in lower right (probably telling me about some unused icon or something) and I can see the start menu pop up when I hit the windows buttons, but everything is very dark/dim.

    I found something that said that:
    Most likely the water has broken the inverter panel.

    Does this sound right to anyone?
    Just want to know before I buy a $50 part and try to replace it myself.
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    Re: Dell Inspiron 1521 (dim/dark laptop screen)

    Sounds like the inverter if the screen is dim. Plug it in to an external monitor or TV just to make sure.

    I just replaced an inverter and screen for a friend whose screen was smashed.

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      Re: Dell Inspiron 1521 (dim/dark laptop screen)

      the inverter for the cfl is most likely bad. go on ebay and grab another for 30 bucks.... the next option up is a new lcd for 125.00
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