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  • windows 7 security question

    I am running Win 7 RC and I'm curious as to whether it is possible to set it up so that windows requires an admin password before the installation of a program similar to the way that linux does it? This computer is in a public place so I would rather not have to password it all the time. Also is it possible to run programs as a pseudo admin if you are in an account without admin privelages?

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    Re: windows 7 security question

    You can change the account (or create a new one) that is a "limited account" and then set the running of EXEs and installing of new programs to require a administrator to do so.

    As for running programs as admin while in a limited account, you can simply right-click a program and click on "Run as Administrator". It will then ask for a admin username and password (or just a password).
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