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Blue M&M's used to treat spinal injuries

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  • Blue M&M's used to treat spinal injuries

    The "hardware" in this case being the human spine. ;)

    The compound, Brilliant Blue G, can block a chemical which makes injuries worse by causing inflammation and destroying cells.

    This 'secondary spinal cord damage' can often cause more problems than the original wound. Researchers found that treatment with Brilliant Blue G reduced the size of the lesion and also improved recovery.
    Upstream article with more details:

    And further upstream to the PR from the university sponsoring the study:
    Dude, seriously, WHAT handkerchief?

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    Re: Blue M&M's used to treat spinal injuries

    My friends have a thing going with the effects of each color.

    Blue taste the best
    Green makes you ornery
    Red makes you pregnant
    Brown is the healthiest
    and Yellow makes you stupid.

    My friends will get a kick out of this article.

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      Re: Blue M&M's used to treat spinal injuries

      the same rat which turned blue following the treatment

      Aw it's so cute!

      The dye also needed to be injected into a vein very quickly after a trauma to be effective - within 15 minutes.

      However, it was able to significantly reduce secondary injury, with injured rats being able to walk again, although with a limp. Rats that had not received the solution never regained the ability to walk.
      Oooh, that's pretty amazing. Though I'm not sure if I could stand being stuck with a needle minutes after a serious back injury.
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