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Winxs: Why my Vista install bloated to 28GB

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  • Winxs: Why my Vista install bloated to 28GB

    A few weeks ago I need some space on my raptor main OS drive, which is about 74gigs. I have tired to keep only my Vista install on there, and a few other important things like the graf. card driver install and NOD32, etc. Everything else is on my other drives. But when I looked at my drive, I find that I only have about 13 gigs of free space.

    So I was very quick to click on a link in my RSS feed when I read this:

    Winxs: Why my Vista install bloated to 28GB

    I went to the folder they talk about, and surprise, mine is about 18 gigs. Right now I'm debating on giving their recommended fix a go, but I wanted to ask everyone here to check their folders, and if you can report back on how big yours are.

    Here are mine
    Windows: 29.6 gigs (what the hell)
    WinSXS: 18.3 gigs
    Nvidia: 1.39 gigs (holy crap, looks like it keeps all the old drivers)

    Be sure to read through the comments at the link above. Some are helpful.


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    Re: Winxs: Why my Vista install bloated to 28GB

    just for reference here are mine

    windows: 16.6GB
    winsxs: 9.3 GB
    nvidia: 196 MB

    I apparently don't have the vsp1cln.exe so I might have already done that, can't say for sure but it sounds like something I would do since I wouldn't feel the need to uninstall SP1
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      Re: Winxs: Why my Vista install bloated to 28GB

      windows - 17.1 gb
      winsxs - 10.3 gb
      ATI - 638 mb

      woah 29.6 gb! thats a load


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        Re: Winxs: Why my Vista install bloated to 28GB

        SxS is side-by-side, and is a way for applications to deal with "DLL Hell". It allows shared libraries with different versions to coexist, allowing an application built with one version of a DLL to coexist with one built with a different version.

        Apparently Vista SP1 backs up files it replaces in a directory under winsxs. The tool in the linked article removes the backup, so you can no longer back out to pre-SP1. But why would anyone want to do that? Vista before SP1 sucked. When you install a service pack, you're generally given an option to not keep a backup for rollback. I generally will accept the backup, and then remove it later once I can tell that the system is stable. This is particularly important if the process gets interrupted.
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