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    Well first off I am with comcast, and my 6mo promo just shut off so my priced jumped up. So I went to look at what speed cap options were offered and to my surprise they have jumped up a bunch to 15, 20, 30, and 50 mbps. First off the 30 and 50 seem way more then necessary for just a home line, maybe for a family...but considering how it is comcast so those are inflated speeds, on top of normal internet bottlenecks it still seems like a waste.

    I am currently at 20 and it is working fine, I am happy with it. Although I was thinking of dropping down to the 15 mbps tier, and was wondering if you think I could tell a difference. The most I might ask of my internet connect is to run a MultiPlayer game, while listening to a pandora stream, downloading a torrent, and having google chat on. More typically I might just be playing a multiplayer game, while listening to a stream, and maybe having google open. Also I live with my girlfriend, so add on top of that some web browsing and maybe some downloading.

    So is that loss of 5 mbps / 1 mbps upload going to be noticeable?

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    Re: ISP Speed

    Well if you're going to be listening to a stream, I'd suggest you cap your browser's download so it doesn't affect your game ping (unless you preload the stream beforehand).

    As for the drop in speed, you won't if the servers are in the U.S. (and if you're in the U.S.). At least not for any of the closer ones. You'll notice a rise in ping times if you were playing on overseas servers or if you're in NYC and the server is in California.
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      Re: ISP Speed

      I have a a 5mb line download and and have 3 people online with me aswell. I still game fine. You'll do fine as well.

      Of course im on DSL.

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