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  • Fake ATM machine

    The ATM looked like a working system, but when people would put their cards in the machine, it would scan their card information and record the PINs they entered.
    [The criminals] were smart enough to place the machine in one of the few spots in the hotel where there was no security camera to catch them, Priest said. "It was literally right next to the hotel security entrance."
    Dude, seriously, WHAT handkerchief?

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    Re: Fake ATM machine the annual DEFCON Hackers Conference. So now the question is, how would I identify a fake machine? Would shining a flashlight through the security camera hole work?
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      Re: Fake ATM machine

      I wonder if it wasn't just a failed joke. If the people who set it up really expected it to work at DEFCON, that would be borderline Darwin-Award behavior, and I guess the people who build fake ATMs are at least smarter than *that*.


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        Re: Fake ATM machine

        This time it may have been a joke, or maybe just to prove a point, but the bad news is these things are showing up in more and more places. We usually only hear about them in major cities like New York, but I think that is just because the people that catch them are more tech savvy. What happens when these show up in rural areas, and especially the ones where thieves just stick a tiny card reader on top of the real reader at the official bank ATM.

        One of the reasons I very rarely ever use an ATM, only as a last resort. Much better to run into like a grocery store, buy a soda, and get cash back.


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