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weird network usage

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  • weird network usage

    i was logged into my router and noticed that my laptop was utilizing all bandwidth possible, with nothing that i know of running on it updating or downloading/uploading... so in investigated

    resource monitor says that svchost.exe (netsvcs) with a pid of 4840 is talking to google shows no relavant results for so i am wondering why a windows process is talking that much to an unknown website.... should i be worried?
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    Re: weird network usage

    I'd disable your wireless adapter on your lappy and run a complete virus and spyware scan. Sounds like a bug got in and is either trying to get some data from your PC or using your connection for some other purpose.
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      Re: weird network usage

      Set Resource Monitor to report IP addresses, not domain names, and let us know what address it's connecting to. I suspect the reverse domain entry points at a stale domain. looks like a dead domain that's now being squatted by some registrar:
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