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    Ok, you gurus....

    How do I stop spam email that uses me as the reply to address? I cannot mark as spam or block sender, becasue of the return address is mine!! I have the IPs of when they do it, but I want to stop it. I use Outlook for mail.

    Also, is there something or setting that can help me block IP ranges while I am at it?

    I am sure I can search the internet to find it, but I would rather hear about from you all what works....

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    Re: Spam email help

    The best place to block spam is at the server. Who's providing your email service?

    Did you mean Outlook or Outlook Express? All my users use Thunderbird, which has some spam blocking capability built in, but I use SpamAssassin on my servers, and it's extremely powerful.

    SA is a program that identifies spam. It's up to the software that calls it to decide what to do with that decision. Each message is given a score, with numbers below 5 meaning "ham" (ie. legitimate mail) and 5 or greater indicating spam. My server rejects all mail that scores 10 or higher (it tells the sending server "I don't want this"), and passes those from 5 to 10 to the user's mailbox with the score in the subject line. I then put these in a spam folder and inspect them sorted by subject, so they sort by score. That way I can give the most attention to the lowest scores to see if any are false positives.
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