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format: lost sound to toshiba LCD TV

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  • format: lost sound to toshiba LCD TV

    Ok, i have a problem here, i have lost the sound to my 32" LCD after a format and i can't seem to get it back...

    let me explain: i run a 22" phillips LCD as my moniter, right next to it stands a 32" Toshiba AV32500P Regza LCD i have hooked up to my PC ,to playback video's etc, on XP
    When i got the TV, i plugged it in through through the TV HDMI 1 port into the DVI of my then asus 4830...
    when i wanted to watch a movie, i went to the configuration screen /audio and selected the "ATI rear something" out of the 3 devices listed.
    the other two beeing: "soundmax" for my normal pc speakers and "c-media usb headphone" wich pops up whenever i plug in my headset/mic.
    then the video would play back on my HDMI 1 channel and the audio would stream through the TV speakers.

    I updated to a asus 4850 and all of a sudden, my audio wouldn't pop anymore in the config/audio anymore, switching to HDMI 2 seemed to cure that.

    i have now swichted to a 4850 crossfire setup with a powercolor 4850 on top of the asus one.
    After some initial problems, i figured i'd reformat my pc and start a fresh, so installed everything, tested arma2 and ran fine and without a problem.
    however again i notice that the TV audio doesn not show up in the config... so i stick it in HDMI 1, no change... hours of googling and looking through windows yielded no results...
    Except that all manuals and reference i come across claim that when i connect my PC to the TV through a HDMI-DVI cable i need an additional audiocable to transfer the audio...
    err... i've never needed that audio cable to get the sound to play through my speakers! wth?

    Since the powercolor 4850 i have has a HDMI port, i figured i go buy a HDMI cable and connect it that way, since i know for a fact HDMI carries the soundsignal aswell.
    But my powercolor is slotted in second in the crossfire, so i switch them around boot up pc, and my pc change to a 800x600 resolution telling me the driver and ccc are not compatible with my card... WTF? so i reboot in the hopes it might make a change, and allthough initially wanting to look for drivers for the new hardware, it seem to have come about now and willing to accept that it is indeed the same radeon 4800 series card the driver is telling it is.
    hooked up the HDMI cable, through both HDMI ports on my TV and still it does not pop up in my config/audio!!

    i'm slowly losing my mind over this as it is very onnaying to watch something on the tv with the sound coming from my pc speakers next to it! not to mention i can't use the remote to turn the sound down if needed...

    Can anybody offer some advice??

    "brum brum"



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