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Need advice on upgrading

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  • Need advice on upgrading

    Alright, so my birthdays coming up (Oct 2) and I need to ask for something... so I figure I could always upgrade my computer. Anyway here are the current specs:

    Microsoft XP
    Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E4500 @ 2.2 GHz
    Memory: 2 GB of RAM
    Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT
    Motherboard: MSI P6N SLI
    Power: Antec 430 watts
    (if i left out something just let me know)

    So I just want an upgrade, nothing to expensive (maybe 300-500$ if that's reasonable... probably can go higher). Want to be able to play games like CoD5 with high frames and high graphics.

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    Re: Need advice on upgrading

    If you can find one in stock somewheres.

    Should have enough money left over to buy a new PSU as well. Your vid card is really all that's lacking in that system.

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      Re: Need advice on upgrading

      Id say get a new processor (q550) a new graphics card (4890, good price in stock and should last for quite some time) and a new power supply to run all these things (looks very good but I am no PSU expert) Just wait for Bamboo to have a look at this thread, hes the expert :)
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        Re: Need advice on upgrading

        Originally posted by Spyder228 View Post
        Your vid card is really all that's lacking in that system.
        A third gig of RAM is missing, and RAM is cheap!

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