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Help...Rockstar Launcher Doesn't Show Up!

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  • Help...Rockstar Launcher Doesn't Show Up!

    I'm truly frustrated by this problem and no amount of searching on the web has helped me out. It's like no one else is having this problem but me.

    So I have GTA IV installed and the Rockstar Launcher (aka RSGCLauncher) is set to run at the start of Windows. Now normally I would double click the icon in the system tray area (the R* one) and the window would pop up and I would hit the "Play" button.

    Unfortunately, I can't seem to do that now with Windows 7 Pro. I have to close the launcher (via Task Manager) and restart it. Then launch it again. Unfortunately, once I minimize it and a while has pased, I can't bring the window back up.

    Here's a screenshot of what it's like:

    I've closed basically everything that I think would interfere with the window drawing and none it it has helped. Anyone have a better solution?
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