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Worst day for a comp Owner

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  • Worst day for a comp Owner

    OK i used that program to remove unwanted drivers from my computer then when i started it up about 8 hours later this is what happend:

    The computer would continually restart when it tried to load the screen with the winxp logo. Then figuring that it uninstalled the drivers i was using i tried to start it in safemode and it would do the same thing and restart. Then eventually it said there was a bad memory sector(blue screen of death) Then the bios said that the comp failed the MEM test. I found which stick was bad and took it out. Computer continued to once again restart at the winxp logo screen. Then one of my HDs started makeing a bunch of noise so i inplugged that. And next it said that it once again failed MEM test so i unplugged everything except my Graphics card and now it wont post and is hung. Kinda doing the same thing it did a long time ago when my CPU went dead.

    So right now i think i have lost both sticks of MEM, CPU, HD, and possibly my Graphics card.

    My specs are as follows

    asus 87NX deluxe (cant remember the model name exactly but its a popular board) bios v1.07 final pc version 2.0
    2x512 sticks of pc 2700 (333mhz ram)
    Maxtor 80gig
    maxtor 40 gig
    fx5600 256mb
    amx 2800+
    430watts antec PS
    winxp pro

    I have reset my bios a few times during my attempt at debugging.

    Im going home to try another cpu that i have. I dont know what the Hell im going to do.

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    well i feel helped, LOL

    I found out what was wrong with my comp.

    When i used that program to get rid of my drivers it really got rid of all my drivers, including my motherboard driver and graphics drivers.

    I ended up after testing a bunch of things with another 512 stick of ram, so i have a total of 1.5 gigs of ram.

    How i fixed it was, I used the winxp disk to repair windows, it asked for the missing drivers I told it where to get them and i was all set.

    Thanks for the help, Oh wait i didnt get any


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      I would have helped but I didn't know what to say. I didn't want to post, "Well, that sucks. I don't know what to say." :)

      - It's who you game with.


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        Originally posted by Emanon
        Thanks for the help, Oh wait i didnt get any
        I was going to ask if you had removed all your drivers but I assumed you would have checked that first anyways :P


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          NP, i like to probe and problem solve its fun for me.




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