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Stolen Iphone help.

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  • Stolen Iphone help.

    My friend had her Iphone stolen yesterday and she hasn't contacted police yet. I thought I read somewhere that there was a way to track it. The guy who stole it called a number he found on the phone and said he that he would give the phone back for $80. The number he called from must of been a payphone or something.

    I'm tired and it's late so I don't feel like making a police report tonight but perhaps tomorrow.

    Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated and should I involve the police.

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    Re: Stolen Iphone help.

    There are apps for the iphone that can be remotely activated to broadcast the gps location. However, you do actually have to have these apps on your phone. iHound, mobileme, etc. If she has any of those, she can track the phone as long as it stays turned on (wont work if off for obvious reasons).

    You can try contacting the police and should also contact her carrier (i assume its ATT) IMMEDIATELY. If she doesnt report it, she will be liable for any charges made on her phone (when I worked for TMO, i saw a guy who waited three days to report his phone stolen and wound up footing the bill for over 600 dollars in international calls. theres no way around this, the company charges you if you dont report it because there is absolutely no way of knowing that you're not the one who made them and just trying to slip the bill).

    Also, since the person was trying to extort you for the phone, report the time and number called from to the police. If it was a payphone, there may be security cameras nearby that would have caught the guy.


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      Re: Stolen Iphone help.

      Report it now! As Ferris said she is responsible for everything until it is reported. I've seen this first hand also.


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        Re: Stolen Iphone help.

        1. report it.

        2. Call the provider, they can do a locate on it if it's on.

        3. Theres a official web site, not sure if you have to be signed up in advance for it, but it's part of AT&T that can find the phone for you, and then also erase and disable all the content.

        check with AT&T on that.

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          Re: Stolen Iphone help.

          How was the phone stolen? Did she leave it someplace or did someone get into her bag/apartment? Is the guy wanting a finders fee or is he holding the phone for ransom?

          Unfortunately, I don't think the cops are going to do much about the phone. The location service needs to be activated before an incident. :row__531:

          I would think about paying the $80.

          I use ilocalis for future reference.




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