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  • Win7 os question

    Ok this is a simple question, that I know nothing about.

    Right now I have the Windows 7 Ultimate RC on my PC. now with WIN7 coming out in a few weeks I was curious as to can I get an upgrade WIN7 or just go with a full install cd, I don't really need the ultimate though? Secondly, how do I get a 64 bit cd & what is the differance between a "system builder cd" and the regular cd?

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    Re: Win7 os question

    The "System Builder" is MS's new term for OEM. Basically if you're building your own rig, get the System Builder version. The "regular" DVD is actually the retail one and is/was meant for those with systems already and just want a OS upgrade via a clean install. Nowadays with so many DIYers out there, most people are directed at either a "upgrade" disk or a OEM disk to save some $$$.

    You should be able to order Windows 7 Home Premiium x64 from sites such as for relatively cheap (~$110). They might also be selling the upgrade DVDs still so you'll have to check yourself. They should be cheaper (around $50 a disk?). You should just be able to pop the disk in and perform a "upgrade" to the RTM/full version without having to throw XP/Vista back on your machine.

    With that said, I'd recommend getting the System Builder DVD and do a clean install. If you're a university student (namely a technology major), you should be able to get Windows 7 through your college's MSDNAA subscription.
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