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Nikon Coolpix 3100 ?

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  • Nikon Coolpix 3100 ?

    I'm looking at the 3100, anyone familiar with it, or have one ? Is is worth the money, over buying the Coolpix 2100 ? Or does someone else have a recommendation for a digi cam around $300 ?

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    I don't know much about the models you're discussing, but I just have one recommendation for anyone buying a digital camera: buy it from a company that makes cameras, not a company that makes electronics.

    I did just buy my mom-in-law an Olympus D-560 for Xmas... I also have an Olympus D-490 and I like it a lot. Went with an Olympus for her because she's always used Olympus 35mm cameras and it would be somewhat familier to her... is a nice site to compare features on different cameras. It also has a nice buying guide so that you don't buy more camera than you need. I'll tell you now that if you're never going to print anything larger than 8x10, then you won't be needing more than 3 megapixels (for quality that's equivalent to 35mm).
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      The in-laws just got Stephanie and I a Canon A60 for X-mas...I have no idea about it but it seems like a really good camera. I tried to take a picture of itself and send it in...but I could not bend the lens enough. ;)
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        I have 2 Nikon Digital cameras. The Nikor lenses they come with have the most effective antiglare coating I've EVER had on a lens.

        All Nikon Digicams use CF cards....which are by far the cheapest and most rugged digital film type. In my honest opinion, SD cards and Sony Memory sticks are more of a hassle than their worth.

        I own the Coolpix 990 and the Coolpix SQ for snapshots. They are the most intuitive cameras I've ever used...the user interface is very well thought out as well.

        For my dollar I love Nikon. 35mm rig is based off of the Olympus OM-1S. If you want a history lesson then look THAT camera up... ;)

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          Originally posted by Spectre
          All Nikon Digicams use CF cards....which are by far the cheapest and most rugged digital film type.
          I absolutely agree. At least get a camera that supports CF cards. It would probably be compatible with microdrives, which can support huge storage spaces (1GB+).

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            Thanks for the link Cing...awesome :)
            ...and thanks to the rest...going shopping tomorrow :D




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