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Minority report style PC interface.

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  • Minority report style PC interface.

    This looks pretty cool, if you had a whole room for the setup that is.

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    Re: Minority report style PC interface.

    The downside of full arm gestures is the fatigue it causes. Chairs come with arm rests for a reason after all :)

    Better for kiosks or short interactions.

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      Re: Minority report style PC interface.

      It's cool in theory, but as said you get tired after a while. My dad wanted me to help him buy a PC last year about this time, and he saw a commercial for that HP all in one with a touch screen. He really wanted to just order it from, but I convinced him to go to Frys and play with it first. He spent 5 mins. with it and agreed with me that it is novel and cool, until you have to use it for long periods of time. I can't imagine doing a long post like the Win7 sticky thread on a touch screen. Going back and forth from keyboard to mouse is enough, don't want to even think about from the screen to keyboard back and forth.

      Now maybe something like this might work better if they get voice recognition at about 99% accurate and you could rest your elbows on something and still work.


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        Re: Minority report style PC interface.

        Hard not to think of the gaming applications for the technology.LOL
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          Re: Minority report style PC interface.

          Good lord geeks are lazy.

          "What? I have to move my ENTIRE ARM!!!"
          "No, you have to move both of them."

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            Re: Minority report style PC interface.

            Good points indeed!




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