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Acer Aspire One Restore Help....

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  • Acer Aspire One Restore Help....

    Hi guys i have been trying to restore my acer netbook back to Factory Defaults but it gets to 48% and FAILS every time,which is the Microsoft Works part of the image.....
    This is the error message it gives (error 0xf0000005) ?

    i am now thinking of using my 8GB memory stick to put windows xp on & boot from it !!!

    The thing i want to know is "how do i make my memory stick bootable"
    and how will i boot from it,
    I mean surely i cant just put an iso image of xp on my flash drive/memory stick and it will boot from it

    Thanx biddy


    i have got memory stick enabled in bios !!!
    i really need help on this guys,
    i have read the other post about this from the other member (alt & f10) to boot from the default image
    but like i say it fails at 48% all the time :(

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    Re: Acer Aspire One Restore Help....

    Read this how-to guide. It details everything you need to install Windows XP from a USB drive.

    I was in your same shoes, but due to the amount of effort and time it takes for actually get it all set up, I loaded Ubuntu on my netbook instead. So much easier and I can live with Linux counterparts to Windows programs that I use on my netbook.
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      Re: Acer Aspire One Restore Help....

      Go through the bootable memory stick guide and then install the OS from that. The reset to manufacturing just puts drivers and crapware on your machine. All you need is the proper product code.

      If booting from memory stick does not work, then try attaching an external DVD drive...

      BTW you can install Windows 7 without a licence key/product code, but you'll need it in 3 month (if you use slmgr /rearm)
      Alternatively you can try out Ubuntu - should be quite good on a netbook.




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