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srcds.exe- getting it running

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  • srcds.exe- getting it running

    So I have been messing with the hldsupdatetool getting a source dedicated server going as just a fun project to mess with. Im trying to get synergy to run on it. I also installed the specialists as I cant seem to get it running. When I try to run the exe from either windows or the command line, nothing happens. I get an error message on reboot saying that srcds.exe had to close.

    Does anyone have experience working with this? I seem to remember an issue like this last time I messed with it but cant remember how I got it working.

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    Re: srcds.exe- getting it running

    Not sure what game you're running, but srcds.exe needs a string of arguments executed behind it to actually launch a server. Arguments such as server ip, starting map, maxplayers, etc.

    Generally after you get the server files downloaded and the cfg's set up how you want you need to create a .bat file that reads c:\serverfolder\srdcs.exe -ip #.#.#.#:Port -maxplayer 24 -map wh_atever so on and so forth to actually start the server console.

    You should be able to google some example .bat files for the game you're running, but I suspect this is the issue.

    Hope that helps.
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      Re: srcds.exe- getting it running

      Thats probably it, and now that you mention it, that does sound familiar to what I was doing before. I will try that and see if it works.




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