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  • Coding C and/or C++

    Doesn Visual Basics cover any of this? If not, what are some good sites/books I can get that will help me learn how to code C and/or C++?

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    Re: Coding C and/or C++

    Visual Basic is a completly different language.

    I recomend "C++ from the ground up" by Herbert Schildt
    It's a great beginners book. Short and precise written with good examples.

    If you want to write widows applications "Teach yourself Visual C++ in 21 days" might come in handy, but I would recomend reading the other book first.

    Happy coding..


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      Re: Coding C and/or C++

      just about every college in the nation has an introduction to C++ class that you can take to help get you familiar with the basics. (even my local community college had one)
      Most of the time they're available as a once-weekly night class.
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        Re: Coding C and/or C++

        If you've done any OO in VB, that might help with C++ but only with OO concepts. That's about as much as you'll get transitioning to C++. For the free route, there are plenty of tutorials on the Internet. Although, a book is always nice to have next to you while learning.

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