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No Sound after latest Windows 7 Update

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  • No Sound after latest Windows 7 Update

    Hello I am running W7 and I have a SoundBlaster XFI XtremeMusic PCI card.
    I had been running fine until a Windows update last night.

    According to the hardware manager it's working fine and I can see that the music is being registered in the meter next to the card in the sound management tab.

    But I get no audio out of the card from the output in the back or from the expansion slot I have for the front of the computer.

    Also, my mic is no longer recognized and the inputs for the expansion slot are no longer in the Sound management tab. Instead of the multiple inputs now all I have it the Expansion slot as the default output and the x-fi card is disabled and grayed out.

    I have yet to check the BIOS to see if the onboard audio is working. But in the hardware management tab I get conflicts.

    Also, going to check the creative labs site.

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    Re: No Sound after latest Windows 7 Update

    Try uninstalling all the drivers and software for the card, then shut down the pc, open the pc, take out the card completely and restart the pc without the card, log into windows, let everything load up then shut it down, now slot the card back into the pc and close it up, restart the pc and log in, do not install the drivers from the "found new hardware wizard", instead download the latest drivers for the card, you could download before you uninstall etc if you prefer, now try installing the new drivers and reboot the pc.
    If that fails find the update and uninstall it and test the card .


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      Re: No Sound after latest Windows 7 Update

      I'd probably reseat the sound card too. It might just be a random fluke.
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