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  • Scythe Musashi Cooler

    So my Scythe Musashi cooler will be arriving tomorrow and I'm going to be attaching it to my Sapphire 4870.

    I wonder if anyone can shed any light as to removing the crappy stock cooler from this thing? I've tried before when I was keen on replacing the thermal compound, but removing all screws didn't seem to do enough.

    Will I need to remove the clamp from the underside?

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Re: Scythe Musashi Cooler

    I've never gotten around to taking my gpu cooler off (meant to, but haven't) but have seen lots of guides. Just google for it. I have heard some can feel like they are stuck and take a bit of wiggling to get it off if the compound has hardened. Just make sure you clean the gpu of all the old compound. They sell special cleaners, but I used isopropyl alcohol on my CPU, which is fine. Just make sure you use the more expensive almost pure stuff, not the really cheap bottle that is like $0.50. This stuff was more like $2.00 and only had 1 row on the shelf at the store while the other stuff had like 8 rows.


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      Re: Scythe Musashi Cooler

      I actually put the Musashi on two ATI 4850's early last year for two different PC's. Dramatically cut the temps and sound way down. You won't even be able to hear the fans when turned to high with the control knobs. Idle showed temps in low 30's Celsius and at Load mid to high 40's - that's with the fans on medium. Never saw the need to keep the fans on high. I did save a few pictures of the install. I have more detailed video, but no time to upload it now. I was really impressed with the Musashi's cooling capability, low sound fans and quality materials and contstruction.


      Install is simple. Remove all screws from the card.

      Clean chipstes of any thermal tape, paste or glue (cotton cloth or schwab and mild rubbing alcohol works well).

      Then add the new aluminum little heatsinks - the themal tape on them were a bit tricky to remove with my big hands, but I never had a problem. Since your card is a 4870 you may have more to add, and I had a handfull of extra ones that weren't needed.

      Make sure the actual GPU and surrounding area is clean.

      Add a drop of thermal paste to the shiny heatsink, I use OCZ Freeze, but the Musashi comes with it's own paste too if you don't have any yourself. Line up the Musashi to the ATI card's center holes, put on the back bracket and screw it together.

      The Musashi extended past the 4850 board making the length about 10.5 - the original was about 9". Your 4870 may already be that length.

      And much thicker than before too.

      I put the case slot control knobs on the slot behind the cards to keep the wires away from the fans. Don't forget you'll need to plug in the two fan power wires in as well. Also, because the fins are open and spread out a bit, the Musashi is very easy to clean with a can of compressed air. What ever dust there is blows right way.

      Case 1:

      Case 2:

      And just to compare, here's a EVGA GTX 275 setup I have (same model of full size case as number 1 but with a Intel Core i7 920 system.

      Good luck and have fun with your install.


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        Re: Scythe Musashi Cooler

        Wow, thanks Zip that was incredibly useful! :)

        Got it installed with no problems (except for forgetting to clean the RAM chips the first time round and having to start over :P)

        Idle temps with it overclocked are now around 44c as opposed to the 62c not overclocked I had before!

        What an amazing (AND SILENT) cooler. Absolute bargain buy!

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