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Microsoft Patent's Sudo? WTH?!

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  • Microsoft Patent's Sudo? WTH?!

    I saw the headline on Maximum PC's Linux section just now, though it is somewhat dated as it was posted back on November 11th, 2009. It's also described here on Groklaw's blog site. I haven't yet read the MS patent claims themselves, but the generally summary is that MS is back on it's patent-trolling and has somehow gotten the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademarks Office) to pass a broad and general patent on MS's version of sudo.

    I'm bewildered that the USPTO actually passed this patent even though MS's claims that they were the ones who invented "sudo" are false and wildly inaccurate.

    I wonder if this will get reversed any time soon. Or will the Linux/Unix communities now have to find a new word to replace "sudo"?

    What's everyone's thoughts on this?
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    Re: Microsoft Patent's Sudo? WTH?!

    It's just, as you've already said, their usual patent-trolling. I doubt they'll get through with it.




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