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  • Sli

    I searched this forum for any content concerning SLI and finding none, I have a question to pose to those with more experience than myself.(which is most of you,LOL)

    I have two 9800gtx+ (same manufacturer and part number) and would like to know the pros and cons of setting these up in my game rig. I have ample room and power for the two cards and have an auxiliary power supply that I can employ as well.
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    Re: Sli

    It depends on the games you play. Take benchmarks first with just one card.
    Install the second and take benchmarks again. See on paper if there is a difference.
    Then, play your games. In a nutshell, some of my games run better in SLi and some I do not see a large performance boost or gain in fps.
    Some I can play at higher settings. Whatever gain there is will be personal to you based on what you play.
    I have 2 X 8800 GT OC and it helps me with some of the newer games. With some of the newer games pending in a few months, I will look at upgrading to a next gen card then.


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      Re: Sli

      With Nvidia cards they are usually pretty quick with getting SLI profiles out, other cons being more power, which is more heat, which is more noise. You might also find a few games that do not get any improvement from SLI. But if you have a good enough PSU and enough space and already have both the cards I would say put them in and have fun.
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