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Printer/Scanner/Copier for home.

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  • Printer/Scanner/Copier for home.

    I am looking at a HP Officejet Pro 8500 Wireless for my home.
    Mainly to print out notes and reports that I will have to do for college.
    Secondary uses are scanning documents I may need to use into a file for later use. Copying is not a high priority for me at this time.

    But family members have stated that they did need a auto feed tray copier while in college. So i would rather have it and not need it then be jumping around trying to find one when I need one.

    $299.99 after instant saving and I can also get a $70 mail in rebate when I send back my old HP printer.

    This model allows me to open the top like a normal copier and the base model doesn't. It only allows you to use 2/3 of the glass and the auto feed tray on top feeds into a unmovable section.

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    Re: Printer/Scanner/Copier for home.

    HP printer/scanner/copier software sucks horribly, it is bloated, runs into installation issues and several other things. Apparently the basic printers are ok but the combos are terrible.

    If you are not needing all three functions and will be printing a lot of documents I would suggest getting a laser printer and a dedicated scanner. The laser copier will cost more up front but be cheaper over time and more reliable with a cleaner print. A dedicated scanner is not that expensive, and you can always print your scans through the printer if you need to make a copy.

    I know that the cartridges for inks say they will print 1000 pages or so for an inkjet, but I have never found that to be even close to accurate due to leaks, poor coverage requiring a reprint or the machine claiming a cartridge is empty. Laser printers are fairly accurate at 1400+ pages per ink canister at a business where we ran a couple of the $500 Brother models daily.

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      Re: Printer/Scanner/Copier for home.

      I am not gonna be doing any high volume printing.
      On average maybe 50 sheets a week. I just want something that's going to give me a high quality print when I need it and I think I found it.

      Also I quality I am looking for is autoduplex. Which this printer features. The reviews on the canon site are rediculously positive and the newegg responses seem to be pretty good as well.

      Canon PIXMA iP4700
      @ newegg for $60

      and now I may have the scanner too.
      EPSON Perfection V30 $ $79.99




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