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  • Building New Rig

    I'm thinking about building a new rig. I have a monitor, mouse, keyboard etc. I'm not particularly interested in a sound card. I have about €650-700 to spend. I'm Irish which make things a little complicated. and is where I've been looking. also deliver to Ireland and afaik isn't taxed subject to import tax.

    I've priced a few rigs but there's a few things I'm not sure of. Like the different varieties of RAM, video card etc. Any help either general or specific would be great. Mostly I've been looking at i5 and Radeon HD5770 but I am by no means attached to them.

    I'm hoping to play BC2 etc. and for it to be relatively upgrade friendly.

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    Re: Building New Rig

    With the i5/i7 sockets, it's hard to tell right now how upgrade friendly they'll be in future (as in if any other CPU lines will fit into the sockets). With that said, DDR3 is the future of RAM now, so if you go with a new rig, get one that uses/supports DDR3.

    i5 and HD5770 should be more than capable of handling BC2 coupled with 6 GBs of RAM. What else are you looking to run on the rig besides BC2? Other games? Other apps?

    Do you have links to the rigs you're looking at?
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      Re: Building New Rig

      MSI 5770 €148.50

      i5 €185

      MSI P55-GD65, P55, Socket-1156, DDR3 €131.50

      Corsair Dominator DHX+ DDR3 1600MHz 4GB €145

      AXP Powersupply ATX 630W Retail SLI, €50.20

      Cooler Master Sileo 500 Midi Tower €65.50

      Samsung DVD±RW burner, SH-S223C €22

      Western Digital Caviar SE16 640GB €55

      Total: €795.70

      It's a bit over budget but it gives the general idea. Will I need some sort of cooling in addition to this? It is only 4gb of RAM but I can upgrade eventually if I want to. Oh and I have W7 64bit so I don't need to get that. I might eventually like to run a second monitor but nothing much else. I haven't really thought much past BC2 :). Where would be good places (if any) to save money here?


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        Re: Building New Rig

        First of Save some with the RAM: € 105.00

        It would be possible to save a little bit of money on the motherboard so this should list some options (including the one you have selected now):

        It just depends on what options you want on your motherboard. I just recently got the Gigabyte P55A-UD3 for my i5 750 build since I'm not looking at any multi GPU solutions any time soon, Plus it has support for SATA3 and USB 3.0 just to add in some future proof.

        A better case, in my opinion: € 49.00

        You may need some sort of additional cooling for the CPU if you want to overclock much but the case you picked (also the one I did) said it had two fans so thats a good start on keeping everything cool.

        Depending on what motherboard you chose we have almost an identical set up other than GPU.
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          Re: Building New Rig

          The reason I had chosen that motherboard was it was the only one with 2x PCI Express 2.0x16. If I were to go for the P55A-UD3 which only has 1x2.0 and 1x1.0, if I SLi'd in the future would that cause a problem? Also the other board which supports 2x2.0 only supports PC2-10666, how much of a hit would that be when compared to the 12800? It's also a MicroATX which wouldn't fit in the case Reaper suggested.

          EDIT: I lied MicroATX does fit the case.


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            Re: Building New Rig

            Well the MSI GD65 description is kind of lying, it wouldn't run 2 PCI-e 2.0 x16 lanes but would run 2 PCI-e 2.0 at x8 a piece. The PCI-e 2.0 lanes are limited on the P55 platform by the processor. If you do want to run two GPUs you can spend to money to do so but keep in mind that you might need a better PSU to go with it as well. The current one you have picked out only has a total of two 6 pin PCI-e power connectors and most modern GPUs need two 6 pin connectors if not an 8 pin and a 6 pin. With 5770 you picked out (I think it only has one 6 pin connector) it wouldn't be an issue but I think you can get the point. All the boards support CrossFire but the PCI-e 2.0 lane that runs at x4 comes from the chipset and not the CPU, like the other PCI-e 2.0 lanes. The x4 slot has really limited bandwidth so I doubt it could be used for proper CrossFire or SLI. If i remember correctly you can use the x4 slot for running an nvidia GPU as a PhysX card if your primary card is nvidia as well.

            As for RAM you should be able to run it at the same speeds, you might just have to fiddle around with some of the BIOS options. The actual difference in speed is next to nothing in gaming so if you wanted to save more money you could go for even cheaper stuff like,


            its just that the price difference is so small at that point it doesn't really matter.
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              Re: Building New Rig

              Thanks for the help Reaper and Acreo (much <3)

              I think I'm going to go for an upgrade kit
              Which has motherboard, i5 and 10666 ram which saves €22 and comes to €700.

              Or possibly I might go for a slightly more expensive mobo which supports 12800 ram natively with the 12800 ram. That'd be €740.

              It'll probably come down to the fact I wont have the extra 40 so... :)

              EDIT: Motherboard comparison


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                Re: Building New Rig

                The only real difference (other than price) is going to be form factor. You have a lot more slots with the asus board than the MSI board. So with a double slot GPU will take an extra slot that you may or may not need.

                I wouldn't really worry about the RAM all that much, I just wouldn't go below 1333 MHz (PC3-10660).

                Combos are a great way to save some money and the one you posted looks good if you can deal with the possibility of limited expansion slots.
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                  Re: Building New Rig

                  Originally posted by daithi1 View Post
                  AXP Powersupply ATX 630W Retail SLI, €50.20
                  If you are going with this PSU make sure your HDD's are not to be mounted on the width in the case. I bought this PSU and had trouble with the case because the SATA power connectors are not angled at 90 degrees. (Case won't close now because the leads stick out the side)


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                    Re: Building New Rig

                    Originally posted by jazy2 View Post
                    bought this PSU and had trouble with the case because the SATA power connectors are not angled at 90 degrees. (Case won't close now because the leads stick out the side)
                    I may have some latch cables I can give you jazy, I will have a look when I get home.

                    Daithi1 your build looks solid, I bought my parts from there last year and have no complaints, picked the parts up myself from the pickup point, just make sure you check all the parts before signing for them, even if you get them delivered.
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