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  • IP/Network camera

    My current baby monitor tends to interfere with my wifi. I don't remember the brand off-hand but we had found reviews (i.e. consumer reports) to state it was the best monitor to not interfere. Well we still have issues.

    So I started to look at possibly getting a monitor that works over my home network. Wireless or wired I don't care since my house is wired throughout. What I don't know is what to get.

    Do any parents out there use an IP monitor (audio or audio+video) in their house?

    I looked on amazon and based on the reviews anyone worth getting is in the $250-$300 range. I don't really want to go spend that but if the monitor is worth it then I'll suck it up. One benefit of it having video is I can move the camera when little asch is playing and let my parents watch.
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    Re: IP/Network camera

    The Panasonic ones are excellent, Trendnet, Dlink, and all the other cheap ones are exactly that. You really do get what you pay for.

    Get a wired one if it's already plumbed, more reliable.

    Newegg sells them also.

    I use an LTC Analogue 4-camera w/Linux-based DVR. Mainly because it was the cheapest way to get 0 Lux with remote access (factoring the cost of the host computer needed to run a standalone system IP or otherwise).




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