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PSU incompatible with Windows 7

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  • PSU incompatible with Windows 7

    A friend just put together a new system from parts and discovered he couldn't get it to boot. He currently believes it's due to the PSU and is awaiting arrival of a different model to try.
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    Re: PSU incompatible with Windows 7

    That is pretty odd. Usually faulty PSU's cause problems with GPU cards, mainly from not enough power to the 12v rail(s), rather than with OS installation.

    Funny thing is I've built Win7 systems with the Corair 620HX, 750TX and 850TX without any problems. Since there have been several, but not all, similar incidents with the 950TX, it must have a defective batch of parts somewhere in the esembly... Well, at least Corsair has a good warranty :row__593:.

    I'll be building a Core i5 + Win7 system using the new Blue line of Corsair - the 650HX. It will be interesting to see if it has that problem.

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      Re: PSU incompatible with Windows 7

      Faulty PSU in and of itself isn't going to cause OS install issues. What's really happening is it's causing an issue with the processor/motherboard/ram that in turn is causing an issue with the OS install.
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