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Torn between 2 laptops

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  • Torn between 2 laptops

    Ok so I need some help here. I'm looking at 2 laptops and need help deciding. The only differences I am concerned about on the 2 are the cpu, ram and gfx. I like the Dell machine for the i5 proc, DDR3 ram and HD LED screen. I like the Asus for the GTX260 gfx. The Dell has a radeon 4670 gfx card. They both have 1GB of vid ram. My question is, which one would perform better? I dont play anything heavier than team fortress2 and battlefield 2142.



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    Re: Torn between 2 laptops

    Personally, I would be looking at this one:
    It's official: HP laptop available with USB 3.0

    It has a Radeon HD 5830 Graphics (DX11)!!!!!, which is said to be at least as good as last years 4890.

    See here:
    HP ENVY 15 series

    With coupon codes and other places starting to sell it soon, price will start to drop. If you get an EDU or EPP discount, could probably get it down to about $1k.

    That laptop would play pretty much any of the new games out this year like the new Bad Company and new Medal of Honor.

    If not, I would try and find one of the new ones with the new Intel WiDi.
    Best Buy lets out the WiDi-enabled Sony Vaio S a week early
    That way you could use it to double as a home theater pc when you wanted to.


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      Re: Torn between 2 laptops

      gtx260m ~ desktop 9800gt(8800gt)

      4670 is a underclocked desktop 4670

      The 8800gt outperforms the 4670

      Therefor the laptop with the gtx260m would be the better gaming platform as it has a better balance of CPU/GPU for more games(the other laptop may come out on top in CPU heavy parts). The DDR3 vs DDR2 means little as long as the RAM used meets the requirement for the CPU it is paired with. In this case it shouldn't matter.

      Either should be fine for teamfortress2 or BF2142.

      The 5830 suggested would be good as well, just realize that AMD/ATI is changing their mobile GPU naming scheme for the newest generation. Like Nvidia the names will only be relevant to other mobile parts of the same generation and not for relating them to desktop equivalents. In other words the mobility 5830 is not derived from the same part as the desktop 5830, it appears to be more like a 5770 but possibly using DDR3 rather than DDR5.
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        Re: Torn between 2 laptops

        Looks great but I dont know if I wanna wait lol. I have to get it from best buy because of some things that happened recently that ruined my credit. I can finance for $900 :D


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          Re: Torn between 2 laptops

          I think I will end up staying with the Asus laptop. I have been pretty happy with it so far and if I can get access to a cheap P8800 proc (which I may be able to) then I can turn it into a beast!




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