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TS3 sound issues

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  • TS3 sound issues

    I'm trying to help out a friend (Crim), who should post later in this thread as well. His sound/voice was fine when we were on Teampseak 2, but when we moved to the TS3 server, he was unable to speak.

    Normally, this is a quick fix and would seem related to the TS3 program, but he's having issues in several places. He can hear game sounds no problem. He can't set his push-to-talk or test his mic at all. I had him try to check out his mic in the Windows Sound Recorder, but it wouldn't let him record.

    I assumed this meant that is was a driver issue. He seems to be using a Soundblaster Live card or such, but I can't walk him through Window XP Home enough to find the exact name of the card (I started using Window 7 on all my computers).

    I'm weak when it comes to drivers, so we're asking for some help here. If it's not the driver, I'd be all ears to hear what it could be.

    Also, I know he's using a Dell, but again, I don';t know enough about Dell's to know where the model would be listed. Any help would be appreciated.

    (And yes, I've read the Teamspeak forums and will be posting there as well. I figured that this would be the better place as it seems driver related.)

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    Re: TS3 sound issues

    Did the mic test work when he went through the setup wizard in TS3?

    He might want to go into Device Manager (right-click My Computer > Properties > Device Manager) and check to make sure his microphone is not disabled.
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      Re: TS3 sound issues

      Setup did not work via TS3. It was working, but then wasn't a couple days later. He also had an issue where he had to log into TS2 first, then TS3 in order to be able to speak. Again, I was thinking driver issue.

      Recently, it sounds more like a hardware issue, but he said another mic that he knows works doesn't work either on this comp.

      I'll have him double check the device manager again.


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        Re: TS3 sound issues

        He's still having issues, but now he has the sound recorder working. Maybe this is just a TS3 issue.




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