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Installed LinuxMint: Now what?

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  • Installed LinuxMint: Now what?

    So I installed LinuxMint on my old Dell machine (I like it, if only I could play games on it I'd get rid of Vista on my other box).

    Now what?

    I understand it is an OS, but what nifty things can I do with Linux that I couldn't do with WinXP?

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    Re: Installed LinuxMint: Now what?

    Most of the things are 'behind the hood'.

    You already have superior security through how accounts are set up as long as you are not logged is an admin all the time (and even then you must enter your password for special actions).
    You can properly set up rights to access certain programs and features for users that can't be bypassed by resetting the machine like Windows.
    You can set up a secure file server for the rest of your house.
    You can set up a central music repository.
    Most distros allow you to update all of your programs at once, some use apt get or a visual interface like Ubuntu.

    If your distro offers it you can download and install programs directly from the creators through a built in program so you know you are getting truly open and safe software (Ubuntu has an add/remove system for example).

    Haven't tried MintLinux to know what it comes with or offers. If you haven't used Linux before I would recommend Ubuntu for its visual interface, which you can use as you learn the console commands that give you even more control. - I just googled LinuxMint and noticed it was a derivative of Ubuntu. Excellent!

    Is there something you want to do with the machine? You could always install Wine if it doesn't come with MintLinux and load games that are compatible with Wine (there are quite a few).

    Just remember that learning Linux is like learning windows for the first time, it might take a good year to get up to the level you are at now with Windows if you have done much with that. But the upside is once you learn one distro you have a huge head start to the rest of the Linux distros and can pick and choose what you want to use.

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      Re: Installed LinuxMint: Now what?

      I would also recommend using a "normal" user account and sudo in terminal when you need to perform any administrative actions/tasks.

      If you install wine, you can actually play games on Linux. First make sure the game runs in whatever mode you need to by looking it up at and then make sure you have the hardware specs for it. Check the repository for the latest approved version for your distro (should be under your "Package Manager" in "Administration"). Alternatively, you can get the latest developer stable and developer experimental versions through

      There are some things that are easier in Linux than it is under Windows. For example, tweaking (or perhaps overhauling) the look and feel of the OS. Installing custom themes and such are supported natively by most Ubuntu-based distros (unlike Windows where a separate app is required) and Mint is Ubuntu-based.

      I, myself, haven't used Mint, but I've heard a lot of nice things about it and it seems to be popular amongst those who have 64-bit hardware.
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        Re: Installed LinuxMint: Now what?

        im using and taking a class on linux (openSUSE 11.2) so far im in love with it and when i get more comfortable with it i am going to make it the main OS on my box.

        defiantly a tweak os but the power of the os (kernal's) is amazing IMO.... and its free and plus all of the apps (which are also open source and free) are just as powerfull as there hundred dollar counter parts... just takes some time getting used to, but that could be fixed by the type of desktop environment that your using (gnome or kde), but it is such a beautiful product, simple and fast!!!

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