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Question about spray panting nickel coated metal

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  • Question about spray panting nickel coated metal

    Hi, I need to spray pant my silverstone 3.5" to 2.5" bay converter on the box it says that is nickel coated metal. So do I need to roughen the surface, prime it or anything like that? or can I just spray the paint direly on the part?

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    Re: Question about spray panting nickel coated metal

    You need to paint something that is going inside your case?
    If your going to do it, then I would say yeah, ruff it up a bit, then super clean it with something like isopropyl alcohol, and I mean the good expensive almost pure stuff. You usually have to go to the drug store to get it, and it is like $2 a bottle. Something like 99% pure. It would be better than the cheap stuff because it evaporates almost instantly after it is used.
    Then decide if you want to prime it. I personally probably wouldn't, since my guess is once this thing goes in your case, it isn't going to be touched and moved a lot. But then it could be affected by the heat in the case, so kind of a toss up.

    Then I would buy some like Krylon spraypaint that is made for metal, or some of their new Universal stuff, which is made to go on anything.

    And best advice is to do like 3-4 very light coats, as in with the first 1-2 it doesn't matter if you can kind of still see bare spots that you missed. By the 4th coat everything will be covered and you won't have any puddles. Also would be best if you can figure out a way to suspend it off the ground so you don't have to handle it while your painting.

    Yahoo answers also has a bunch of suggestions:

    including this one:
    Question about spray panting nickel coated metal (10 pts for best answer)?


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      Re: Question about spray panting nickel coated metal

      Thanks the last one you linked is my own question LOL.....I am just trying to get different options and options

      I am going to do what you suggested tho....was going to get the pant shop here in town to powder-coat or pant it but both options was more the the original part was (it is only a drive bay converter) lol




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