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Need to replace my monitor?

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  • Need to replace my monitor?

    Ok, i got a 19in Widescreen Westinghouse LCD Monitor
    For a while, even before my current PC which is a custom build, I've been having these wierd lines on them, like ripples on a lake, going horizontally. Light dark light dark light dark, just a ripple effect that vibrates up and down a bit. It's made worse in 3D programs especially during intense lighting scenes, liek a big fire fight, or in Stalker Call of Pripyat, an unusually intense thunderstorm. Does this mena I need a new monitor?
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    Re: Need to replace my monitor?

    Ok, will this info help?
    Its native and highest resolution si 1440 x 900
    Frequency, 60 hz
    Right now the Vertical Freq is 59.7
    and the horizontal freq is 55.8

    What can be causing this? It's a kind of old monitor, so is that possibly it? Its just not doing as well as it used to? Its going through a VGA - proprietary(beleive thats the word) port on my GTX 260 card
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      Re: Need to replace my monitor?

      If you have another monitor try hooking it up to the computer and hook the problem monitor up to different computer. That should help you determine if the problem lies with the monitor.
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        Re: Need to replace my monitor?

        So, anyone got ideas for a monitor
        ALl I know is
        High Contrast
        Smallish Pixel Pitch
        DVI port, cause I don't want to use a VGA to DVI converter
        Good colors
        25 inch max, 20 min
        LCD or LED, whichever gets a better picture, but this isn't really important
        Not over 500, preferably under 300, but I'll go a bit over that if needed
        Got ideas?

        Heres what I think I need to upgrade PC
        My main rear one got damaged during putting in the 2nd GPU, don't know how
        and one to put in the side hole to blow air onto the GPUs
        This looks like sex haha
        I think that'd be epic
        Imagine Mirrors Edge in 3D?!?!!?!?!?! OMG that'd be amazing haha
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