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  • Great IEM at great price- RE0

    I just saw this deal and thought I would share it. I own these earphones and love them. If you're looking for a pair of high quality earphones these are a great choice and at $80US are definitely worth the price. At bought my pair at somewhere around $130US and they have been one of my best investments. If you are looking to step up from the crappy earphones that come with music players, these will blow you away. If you already own some high-end IEMs they still might be worth a look. I have found that they tend to make the flaws in low quality mp3 songs more pronounced. They are pretty balanced in terms of the sound, so if you like more bass you would have to change your equalizer settings.

    Really good review

    This is an old post but has links to some good reviews

    Link to product page

    Something to look into if you are in the market for a new music player Plays FLAC ftw and has very long battery life.

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    Re: Great IEM at great price- RE0

    It's just one good IEM at a price range practically filled with them. A great resource site for wannabe audiophiles or just those wanting to upgrade to better phones is There are several large threads that recommend a variety of phones from large studio styles through consumer-grade canalphones from anywhere around $5 to several thousands.

    I've been particularly happy with my Ultimate Ears 3s. I paid $100 for them years ago, but you can now find a rebranded version for around $40.


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