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Vista Antivirus 2010, malware

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  • Vista Antivirus 2010, malware

    hey guys, ive recently picked up the Vista Antivirus 2010 malware, i have no idea what this will do; or more importantly how to remove it. Anybody know any idiots guides to the removal of this stuff cos i refuse to use my computer until ive got it sorted....


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    Re: Vista Antivirus 2010, malware

    Run: msconfig, disable it from starting, then use malwarebytes to remove it.

    This might not be a perfect guide, as there are plenty of variants, but it's the best first step for now until we get more info.


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      Re: Vista Antivirus 2010, malware

      Try here. If not, these guys and gals are pretty good at cleaning PCs.

      Good luck!


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        Re: Vista Antivirus 2010, malware

        This is quick and easy to do.
        1. Click start button
        2. Click run
        3. Then type "regedit"
        4. Click edit
        5. Then find
        6. Type "Vista Antivirus 2010" press enter
        7. Anything that comes up highlighted with "Vista Antivirus 2010" name right click it & select delete.
        8. Hit F3 and repeat step 7
        9. Continue step 8 until it says it couldn't find anything in the registry.
        10. Once registry is clean go to add or remove programs, select "Vista Antivirus 2010" & uninstall it.

        You can also download a free program called CCleaner, install it then run its cleaner & registry cleaner.


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          Re: Vista Antivirus 2010, malware

          Oh god. the Antivirus 20XX scam virus malware is STILL around? i've been hearing about it since 2007 or so. And they've updated it to a new version?

          Malwarebytes is definitely your first line of defense against that/for removing that. If it's disguising itself/disabling MWB you may need to use a Hirens' bootdisk to boot from and run the MWB and AV suites on that.

          The chief way i've seen the AV 20XX viruses spread is through a click-through popup streamed from less-than-scrupulous banner ad servers. If one of them pops up after clicking on a legit link and does something like having a regular windows dialogue button pop up (usually talking about a free scan, etc, and then when you click no, having another dialogue pop up) It's best to just go to taskmanager and terminate your browser process. Sometimes it infects you just by clicking on the dialogue button choices (or locks you in a never-ending loop of no prompts)

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