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Mobo Memory Problems + New Build?

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  • Mobo Memory Problems + New Build?

    Ever since I Installed Windows 7 and deleting my dual-boot I've been getting various BSODs and boot errors so consequently I've reinstalled Windows 7 three times already. None of the reinstalls has helped my various errors and usually I just some new error. I've solved my boot errors and now I get BSODs when gaming or after a while when watching movies. My first guess was that my current memory was starting to get corrupt. If the memory didn't solve anything then I figured it was the motherboard or my processor (faithful E4300 OC'd @ 3.0 Ghz for 3 years) was finally giving out.

    I went to Fry's and bought a 4x2GB set of Patriot P6400. I put all four sticks in and it would boot but would not load Windows.
    Here is a chart I made detailing the testing process.
    Slots order is 1, 3, 2, 4. Not 1,2,3,4.

    The G.SKill entry is a 2x2GB set that were in my system previously. They are Factory OC to 1000mhz. For the test I used BIOS to bring to 800mhz.
    The Corsair entry is a 2x1GB set that was in my system previous to the Gskill. They are 667. For the tests with the Corsair I brought all memory to 667Mhz

    I hope some of that makes sense. My conclusion is that my motherboard is having trouble recognizing all 8 GB. It seems that any configuration I do will work as long as it is 6 GB or less.

    As much as I hate to spend the money right now I'm willing to do an i5 build to get back with the times and to get a clean start on this build.
    I was looking at this
    i5 - 750
    MSI P55-GD65
    still looking at memory options

    I already own all the other things I need.

    I'm not much of a fan of MSI boards but it had pretty good reviews on Newegg and I do plan on OC'ing at some point in the future.

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    Re: Mobo Memory Problems + New Build?

    RAM for a P55 system is DDR3 so you may need to get more RAM.
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      Re: Mobo Memory Problems + New Build?

      Also, you may need to raise your memory voltage.


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        Re: Mobo Memory Problems + New Build?


        I'm lost as to what you have and what you did. What chipset mobo do you use right now? Is it a P55? What RAM does your board accept (native DDR2 800?)?

        For the same reason overclocked RAM will give you problems, underclocking without finding the right timings or voltage will also give you problems. If you're going to go out and buy a new set of RAM to test, NEVER buy high performance RAM (like your 1000 mhz OC'd ones). Just get the regular stuff to test with so you don't run into another series of possible problems.

        Secondly, if you think it's RAM, boot it with 1 stick in the primary slot and then run a full memtest86+ battery of tests on it. Slowly add the RAM back in. It could be a bad stick or a bad slot on your mobo.

        Otherwise, if you think it's other hardware, strip it down to bare essentials and test from there slowly adding on one part at a time until you find your trouble hardware.
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          Re: Mobo Memory Problems + New Build?

          Have you tried updating the BIOS for the motherboard?




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