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2 Gfx card questions.

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  • 2 Gfx card questions.

    Okay my current card is a BFG GeForce FX 5500 OC, and the card im getting is a XFX GeForce 6800. All in all i paid 90 bucks out of my own pocket for this card. $240 for card/delivery, 30 dollar mail in rebate, and i just got money in snail mail from my grandpa for my sponsership. (Computer gaming Sponsership money; lol i get paid to play!!!)

    Anyway, i worked the math, i paid 90 bucks for the card out of my own money.

    First questions is this card worth it? I can overclock it on a 4X AGP slot cant it? Dell Deminsion 8250?

    Second question is, will i notice the difference from my current FX 5500, and should i use XFX's drivers or Nvidia's drivers??

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    Re: 2 Gfx card questions.

    It sounds like you already bought the card. So, I guess we'll soon find out if you'll notice the difference! :icon_razz

    You can definitely overclock it. It doesn't matter whether it's in a 4X slot or 8X slot. It could be a PCI card and you can still overclock it. The GPU is independent of the card's interface type.

    Use whatever drivers you want. It seems you want to overclock and that means you're willing to put time into tweaking the card. Try out different driver sets and see which ones are faster. Sometimes the older driver sets give faster performance but not often.

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      Re: 2 Gfx card questions.

      If you only got a 4x AGP slot your computer sounds kind of old, what CPU you got?

      If its to slow it will bottleneck the card, it will look better but your fps wont really be that improved
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