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    So I've used my XFI ExtremeGamer for years, and have only ever used winME/Win2k/WinXP, until last week when I upgraded to windows 7 ultimate x64. Now I'm having problems getting games, DOSbox, etc to work right.

    Is there a decent setup guide to using ALchemy for programs? None of the games on my Steam list will detect in ALchemy, which makes up a lot of them, the default games listing is FAR from comprehensive (as is the guide on the Creative forums) and it seems 90% of the guide was written for Vista 32 bit.

    Trouble/issues I'm having the most is.. does the program require that i run it in the background? Does the program REQUIRE the registry path? (some games do NOT have the registry path listed in the creative forums because they are in Steam) or can i get by with just the "Game Path" listing listing the executable? The instructions that came with ALchemy sucks and won't tell me. Also, a decent, updated listing of games and stuff, better than the Creative list would be sexalent.

    As for DOSbox, i'm runnint .73 through D-Fend Reloaded (just a profile frontend, pretty much) and even in straight DOSbox i'm getting sound stutter/halting issues randomly, and it doesn't like the MIDI interface, ESPECIALLY with my GUS sound drivers (sample overruns, etc).

    By sound stutters, I mean, the game will play fine, then i get a crackle because a sound will clip or start/drop midway through the sample playing, etc. This happens in both music, and digital sound, in every emulation (Tandy/Adlib, SB, GUS) and even in game's sound setup menu when it tests the channels. This didn't happen in XP.

    Will I just have to suck it up and boot back to XP to run anything in DOSbox, all my GoldSrc and Source games, and half my Steam list?

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