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CPU Performance Roundup

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  • CPU Performance Roundup

    Great chart to give a base line benchmark across several different aspects, including ARMA2.

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    Re: CPU Performance Roundup

    Looks like my E8400 is still middle-of-the-road. Think I seriously need to look at upgrading to a Q9550 (and adding another 4 GBs of RAM and a new graphics card).
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      Re: CPU Performance Roundup

      pretty happy with where my 945 Phenom II fell out....especially when i see the price of CPU's that beat me....I win!
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        Re: CPU Performance Roundup

        I think arma2 really needs a quad more than the benchmark shows. I had tried out a i5 750 and it was excellent. Got a Phenom II 940 X4 2.6ghz, and it worked well, but not as smooth as the i5. Finally, been using an i3 530 dual core, and man, does it chug compared to the other two. My rig is the same otherwise. I had 8gb ram in the i5, but could not see a performance difference vs 4gb. The SSD made a big difference back when I added that. Fresh format on each major change.

        4GB ddr3 1600
        XFX HD5850 1gb
        40GB SSD OS
        40GB SSD ARMA2

        The one thing I also changed was I got a 120hz 22" monitor, so I'm going to do some further testing in 60hz and see if it helps, but it had worked ok on the Phenom rig for the couple days I had it with that rig. The only other variable is today's Ace update, as I didn't think it ran that stuttery in the editor or on a mission I played last night.

        Lastly, I didnt have to disable HT with the i5, but had to with the i3 to get even a playable level of stutter.




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