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  • nightfire <-- needs 411(s)

    apparently i've reformatted my computer and i've gave a brand new fresh of air. unforunately, my steam updates are so slow that i don't even think i have time to update my entire hl2 AND css for my thursday tournament.

    also i found 2 ethernet cards under a messy pile in my garage and i decided to try "reinstate" them so i did and good news: they both work. bad news: they are so slow!!! anybody have suggestions on how to speed them up or what net card i should buy?

    i would also like to know what to GEforce FX 5600 is equivalent to in the ATI series? (cuz i think i would like to take my chances with the ATI family ;) )

    and lastly, i need to know the fundamental(s) of speeding up your computer other than "adding more memory" and things like that cuz i already have a 512 in there and i'm proud of that. would a decent graphic card also make a factor?

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    Re: nightfire &lt;-- needs 411(s)

    I think you need 911. I will try to make as much sense out of your post as I can.

    You are trying to get the steam update files by copying them over a LAN from another computer but it's very slow? Well even on a LAN moving a couple of gigabytes is going to take a little while. It may the application you are using to move the files that is the slow part though. I'd try plain old FTP if windows file sharing isn't doing the job.

    nVidia and ATi cards from the era you are talking about are hard to compare but I'd say a Radeon 9600 series card would beat a geForce 5600.

    As for general upgrade questions I think you need a better grasp of how a computer works to determine what would serve you best. Just post your full specs and someone can probably help you.


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      Re: nightfire &lt;-- needs 411(s)

      Originally posted by RandomGuy
      I think you need 911...
      well, that too but i think i'll be fine for now.




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