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Window 7 dual monitor mode

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  • Window 7 dual monitor mode

    I may have asked this before but with a new operating system and a new video card I thought I'd bring up the question again.

    I run dual monitor's for 2 reasons, ArmA 2 and Flight simulator 9. The reason I run them for ArmA 2 is for when I work on my mission building and want to run arma on one screen and on the other run a mission building guide. The problem I am having is that if i move my mouse cursor to the 2nd monitor and click on the guide, ArmA 2 minimizes and my main monitor goes to my desktop screen. Does anyone know a way or program that lets you run a program on one monitor and run a document on the second and not affect the program on the first?

    I have the same problem with Flight simulator 9. I run mulitple programs along with FS9 like REX which comes with a weather monitoring program which I use to monitor turbulance in a region, bad weather and any sever weather alerts. This program and others is on the second monitor while on the first one my flight sim is running. I have the same problem when I click on the programs on the second monitor, FS9 on the primary minimizes and with W7 that is bad because it causes the game to crash for some reason.

    Is it possible to make 2 monitor's one monitor and have it act as if your just clicking onto 1 large monitor? Just thinking aloud.

    Does anyone know how to tackle this problem?

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    Re: Window 7 dual monitor mode

    Short answer is no you can't have one large monitor and be able to click outside the game without it affecting the game.
    What you should try to do is find out how to get ARMA to run in Windowed Mode, if that is possible. I have read that some people can do it with like BF2, and the new BC2 is really good about going into windowed mode when you alt tab. In fact, BC2 is one of the best games I have ever Alt-tabbed out of, as it just pops into a window, you can move the window a bit if you need to, and then click on the game screen and you are back in game.
    It will probably mean you need to edit your shortcut. Check the BIS and ARMAholic forums, as someone has probably posted about it there.


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      Re: Window 7 dual monitor mode

      Originally posted by Bamboo View Post
      What you should try to do is find out how to get ARMA to run in Windowed Mode.
      Just incase you don't know, the command in the shortcut is:

      "C:\somePath\Arma2.exe" -window
      Or check 'Windowed' in the advanced launch options of Addon Sync.




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