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Audio drivers missing

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  • Audio drivers missing


    I re-installed Windows XP home edition to my girlfriends laptop and got everything else working fine exept audio drivers.
    I just can't find them.
    I browsed Intels web pages for atleast two hour without result.
    So I tought if someone here could help me out.
    IT IS INTEGRATED soundcard. So it really doesnt have name, and if it does I cant find it anywere.
    Here is laptops specs:

    Acer Travelmate 2423WXMi
    Intel Celeron 370 M, 1.5Ghz
    Chipset is 915GM (I believe so).
    It is exactly like this:

    I only need the drivers so I can get sounds working.
    If you can help me, please do.
    Appereciate it, Thanks!


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    Re: Audio drivers missing

    I was thinking that is there somekind of standard microsoft drivers for integrated audio systems?
    You know, that works for nearly all integrated cards?
    I just cant find absolutely nothing after 4 hours of searching, ridiculous!



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      Re: Audio drivers missing

      Are you sure you didn't get any through windows update? They always show up under the "Optional" updates for me when I have a system in integrated audio, but you usually have to choose the option to look for more updates, not the express option. It is the 2nd choice if I remember correctly, but it has been a while since I used XP. Let us know if that worked.


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        Re: Audio drivers missing

        Have you checked the CD for sound drivers that came with the Acer laptop?
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          Re: Audio drivers missing

          We found no CDs that would contain audio drivers, only XP re-install CD.
          And top of that she managed to get that laptop stuck again, so all my work is now waisted...
          Well, she's gonna take it to PC store and ask if they can fix it (and maybe the audio driver too).
          Thanks for the help so far.





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