I am not sure who names the channels in our Teamspeak server - this post is for him/them.

Please give specific names for the channels - I use my G13 to switch channels and I cannot tell BC2 Rush/Team 1 from BC2 Conquest/Team 1. The G13 will just show Team 1.

Example of a generic name (bad):
Team 2

Example of a specific name (good):
BC2Cq Team 2

Please note that there are likely people who have key bindings setup to switch channels. If you were to follow my advice and change the channel names, you'd probably tick them off. This is more of a future reference thing.

Also, it would be nice if the Official Announcements post about teamspeak had more info.

Perhaps even just these links?:
Tips and Tricks
Phonetic Names

It would be super if everyone were required err. asked to setup a phonetic name.