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  • Graphics Card undetected

    Ok so I Try to roll back my drivers from that gpu killing driver that nvidia released.So while It was rolling back it actually uninstalled the driver.After the restart I received the no signal on my tv screen.Today I put a monitor in the the onboard graphics.the screen shows up and all that good stuff.Now to my main issue,my gpu is undetected by my PC.I thought I could simply switch to my display options and pick my gpu with my tvI had no Nvidia control panel.

    I go into my regular control panel and uninstalled "Nvidia driver" the physx and the 3d vision figuring I could just reinstall a reliable driver.Couldn't do that either.Went into safe mode and the device manager did not detect,I went into the bios to see if there was something that would make PCI express the primary display or something like that and I could not find anything about that.

    I have a EVGA 9800 GT Super clocked.If there is no solution to this problem other than buying another card would a ATI card work since I uninstalled the Nvidia drivers and all??I think a 5670 would be a nice upgrade after seeing it max out a couple of games but I would still rather stick to my 9800 for as long as possible.Also I made sure it was hooked up properly.

    Any help would be appreciated ,I am having BC2 withdrawals lol.



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