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Cod WAW "Has Stoped Working"

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  • Cod WAW "Has Stoped Working"

    Ok I have been haveing this problem, and it has not worked for a while I installed it on windows vista it wont play on vista so I booted win XP to try it and it still dosent work idk wat i did or changed to make it be gay but here is wat the eror window says for it and if you need more info let me know my e-mail is [email protected]
    ----- Initializing Renderer ----
    execing ragdoll.cfg from disk
    ----- Client Initialization -----
    ----- Client Initialization Complete -----
    Trying SMP acceleration...
    ----- R_Init -----
    Getting Direct3D 9 interface...
    Pixel shader version is 3.0
    Vertex shader version is 3.0
    Shader model 2.0 code path is available.
    Shader model 3.0 code path is available.
    Using Shader model 3.0 code path because it is the best available path on this hardware.
    Attempting 640 x 480 fullscreen with 32 bpp at 60 hz
    Game window successfully created.
    Creating Direct3D device...
    Com_TouchMemory: 0 msec. Using sum: 0
    Loading fastfile code_post_gfx
    Loading fastfile ui
    Loading fastfile common
    Initializing render targets...
    Requested frame buffer to be 24-bit color with 8-bit alpha
    DirectX returned a frame buffer that is 24-bit color with 8-bit alpha
    Initializing static model cache...
    Initializing dynamic buffers...
    Initializing particle cloud buffer...
    Creating Direct3D queries...
    Loading fastfile 'code_post_gfx'
    used 1.13 MB memory in DB alloc
    Setting initial state...
    DirectX reports 512 MB of video memory and 952 MB of available texture memory.
    Using video memory size to cap used texture memory at 496 MB.
    Picmip is set manually.
    Using picmip 2 on most textures, 2 on normal maps, and 2 on specular maps
    Waited 48 msec for asset 'cinematic' of type 'material'.
    Error: Could not load material "water_droplet".
    Error: Could not load material "water_dynamic_spray".

    ------- sound system initialization -------
    Loading fastfile 'ui'
    used 39.48 MB memory in DB alloc
    Waiting for $init to finish. There may be assets missing from

    Error during initialization:
    Unhandled exception caught

    Motherboard:ASUS M4A77D
    Video Card:ATI Radeon HD 4550
    Dual Operateing systems Vista permium and Windows XP pro SP3
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    Re: Cod WAW "Has Stoped Working"

    Welcome to TG, Nucken. I wouldn't publicly post your email in a public post unless you want to be spammed by bots later in the week.

    Have you installed the latest graphics drivers for your HD4550 as well as the latest DirectX?
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      Re: Cod WAW "Has Stoped Working"

      well theyre updated enough that the first demanding game I played on my 4550 was COD 5 i dont see why it would not work now and idc about spam i already get it =/ thx for the warning tho


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        Re: Cod WAW "Has Stoped Working"

        You could try this:

        Start>Control Panel>Sound
        Right Click on the default playback device (e.g. Speakers) and click properties. From there select the Advanced tab.
        To eliminate this error the default playback format must be set at 24 bit 48000Hz (Studio Quality). Simply select this from the dropdown list and apply the settings.
        Try launching the game now-Everything should run fine.

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          Re: Cod WAW "Has Stoped Working"

          Thanks for helping me with vista achanging the sound format on Windows Vista worked but the OS i use the most is XP for the speed is there some way to change it on XP it is useing VIA HD Audio Deck should I get a new audio driver?




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