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  • The way we were..

    This should be an interesting thread, what complete systems have people had before their current one? (PC's only no consoles, and in their most upgraded state)

    My first was;
    P1 100Mhz
    16MB RAM
    1 GB HDD
    4 MB Matrox Graphics

    P3 700
    512 MB
    25 GB
    32 MB Geforce 2

    512 DDR PC2700
    80 GB
    128Mb Radeon9500 Pro

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    My first was;
    P1 100Mhz
    16MB RAM
    1 GB HDD
    4 MB Matrox Graphics
    had the same thing!

    1.5gig ddr pc 2700
    80gig ATA133 8mb cashe
    FX5600 256mb

    one hell of a change


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      Laser 128K (Apple Clone)
      Don't even ask about the specifications, I try to blot that time period out of my memory :P

      Then an IBM Aptiva
      16 MB RAM
      2 GB HD
      Crappy vid card and sound card

      Then a gateway computer
      P2 350 MHz
      128 MB RAM
      8 GM HD
      2 - Voodoo 2 cards ran in SLI mode

      AMD 2.6+ chip
      512 MB RAM
      120 GB HD
      20 GB HD
      ATI 9600
      Sound Blaster Live


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        IBM 486 SX 20 - upgraded to DX 40
        4 MB Ram - upgraded to 64 ( i think)
        120 MB HDD - upgraded to 540 MB
        512 kb video card - upgraded to 1 MB


        Pentium 166 - upgraded to 233
        64 MB - upgraded to 128 MB
        4 GB HDD - upgraded to 10 GB HDD
        16 MB video - upgraded to a Voodoo Banshee
        SoundBlaster 16


        2.0 GH P4
        80 GB 7200 rpm HDD
        512 MB RAM
        64 MB nVidia GeForce 2 MX w/ TV-Out
        ROM Drive DVD/CD-ROM: 24X10X40X CD-RW
        Turtle Beach Santa Cruz DSP Sound Card
        I do what I can.

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          640k ram
          10 meg HD
          PC Speaker


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            486 50Mhz DX something or other
            16 MB RAM
            500 MB HD or something around there
            Video.. so bad I can't remember what it was.
            4x2x24 CD-RW

            I had that one for a while and it was upgraded a lot over the time my family had it. My brother used it for several years of schooling and he's 12 years older than me.

            P2 - 200 Mhz
            32 MB RAM
            3 GB HD
            SB PCI128
            ATI something with 4 MB
            Reused the CD-RW above

            This one died pretty hard. The CPU fan stopped working after a while and I lost my love for it.

            P3 - 733 Mhz
            640 MB RAM
            15 GB HD
            GeForce 256 SDR
            Reused the CD-RW and soundcard above
            12x DVD Samsung

            This one served me well with only one upgrade. I had it when I joined TG. I don't love the DVD drive anymore. It doesn't read burned CDs very well.

            512 MB RAM
            120 GB HD
            GF4 Ti4400
            GameTheater XP soundcard
            16x10x40 CD-RW
            16x DVD

            Also a good computer but getting a short work term with the government made me splurge for my current setup. I still use this as a backup workstation.

            512 MB RAM
            9700 Pro
            Reused the HD, CD-RW and soundcard above.

            I bought a 40 GB HD, 24x10x40 CD-RW and 16x DVD for the previous setup. Now I need a real monitor for it. TVs don't make good monitors.

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              My first "pc" was a Timex Sinclair.

              You hooked it up to the tv and typed in the programs by "bubble key" keyboard.

              No hdd or tape or floppy, if you shut it off you lost your program.
              I think you could buy a tape drive for it, but it was too expensive for me.

              Edit: whoa enthusiasts still use these things!

              Here's the exact model I had!!!
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                Amstrad 64 (4 years)
                Tape drive
                64k ram

                Cyrix PR100 (4 years)
                8mb ram
                cyris logic 2mbit

                PII350 @466 (2 years)
                128mb ram
                ATI rage pro "turbo" :D

                PIIIe500 @750 (1 year)
                256mb ram
                Voodoo 3 2000

                TB800 @900 (1 year)
                256mb ram
                Geforce II GTS

                TB1200 @ 1533 (1.5 years)
                256mb ram
                Geforce II GTS

                XP1500 @ 1533 (XP1800 rating) (10 months)
                512mb ram
                Geforce III

                XP1800 @ 1600 (XP1900 rating) (5months)
                512mb ram
                Geforce III

                XP1700 @ 1733 (XP2100 rating) (5months)
                512mb ram
                Geforce III

                XP2100 @ 1900 (XP2200 rating) (2months)
                512mb ram
                ATI 9700 pro

                XP2500 @ 2333 (XP3400 rating) (8months)
                512mb ram
                ATI 9700 pro

                A64 XP3200 @ 2100 (XP3600 rating) (1 week so far)
                512mb ram
                ATI 9700 pro

                realy, i do have way too much time and money ;)
                From Adam Webb


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                  Hmm...lets see.

                  1. Atari XE

                  2. Apple IIe

                  3. Laser 128EX

                  4. Pentium 233 w-MMX
                  Riva 128
                  64 MB EDO

                  5. Celeron 333a OCed to 475MHz !!! 8)
                  440BX mobo
                  KILLER VIDEO ALERT!!! :
                  Diamond Viper 550 with DUAL Diamond Monster Voodoo II cards hooked together in SLI mode!!! 3 freaking video cards!!! :shock: 8)
                  256 PC100

                  6. Celeron 1.2 Tualatin OCed to 1.5GHz
                  i815 mobo
                  ASUS GeForce 256DDR
                  256 PC133

                  7. AMD Athlon XP 1800P+ OCed to 1.75GHz
                  Via KT266 mobo
                  GeForce 3 Ti200
                  512 PC2100

                  8. AMD Athlon XP 2000P+ OCed to 1.8GHz <--- Can't remember
                  Via KT266 mobo
                  GeForce 4 Ti4600
                  512 PC2100

                  9. AMD Athlon XP 2400T+ OCed to 2.3GHz
                  nVIDIA nForce2 mobo
                  GeForce 4 Ti4600
                  512 PC3200

                  10. AMD Athlon XP 2500B+ OCed to 2.4GHz
                  nVIDIA nForce2 mobo
                  Radeon 9700Pro
                  512 PC3200

                  11. Intel P4 2.6C OCed to 3.6GHz ;) :twisted:
                  intel i875P Canterwood mobo
                  Radeon 9700Pro flashed to 9800Pro softmod
                  512 PC3700


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                    Commodore Vic-20
                    Commodore 64
                    Amiga 1000
                    Amiga 500
                    386-sx-16 - 2 megs RAM, 40 meg HDD
                    386-40 - 4 megs RAM, 170 meg HDD
                    p1-133 - 16 megs RAM, 1.6 gig HDD
                    p2-450 - 128 megs RAM, 9 gig HDD -- added 40 gig HDD
                    p4-2.0 - 512 megs RAM, 80 gig HDD -- total HDD now 320 gigs.

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                      If I count my days at home my fist was a Texas Instruments that connected to your TV.

                      The first PC was a
                      2mb RAM
                      40MB Hard Drive partition in 2 drives(And that was huge).I carry 3x more than that on my keychain.

                      The first I bought was a
                      32MB RAM
                      2GB HD
                      Diamond Stealth Video Card
                      Sony flat screen trinitron 15" monitor.( :( Still using the same monitor)

                      moved to a K6-2 350 then 450 then 550
                      got a 13gb HD for $200

                      Now have a AMD Thunderbird 950
                      512 RAM
                      160GB Hard Drive
                      Kyro II video (need major upgradge)
                      Plextor 16x10x40
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