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Java vulnerability with active exploit

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  • Java vulnerability with active exploit

    I was getting a popup from Firefox warning me that the "Java Deployment Toolkit" was being disabled because it had a known vulnerability. Some investigation revealed that Java doesn't remove old code (in case some old widget needs it for compatibility) and it doesn't update frequently so I'm likely to have the vulnerable code installed for quite some time.

    Here's a story about the active exploit taking advantage of this:

    The Firefox bug report, with lots of details:

    Information on uninstalling the old versions of Java:

    And then go back to the main Java home page to install the latest version, currently version 6 update 20:
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    Re: Java vulnerability with active exploit

    Hmm, something must be wrong on my end. I had the FF JDK disabled already and yet I just got a pop-up again telling me I should restart FF to disable it.

    Hmm, Update 20. Ack. I just installed JDK Update 19 the other day.
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      Re: Java vulnerability with active exploit

      Thanks for doing the legwork on this, ScratchMonkey! I need Java once in a blue moon, so I just disabled it in the browser and hoped it would go away. Your approach is better :)

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