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Anyone remember a computer game called Robots?

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  • Anyone remember a computer game called Robots?

    ...or Robot Wars or something like that? I'm not referring to the recent title that is based off the TV show. This game came out in the early 90s.

    The way this game worked was you could have up to four players playing over a network or on a single machine. Each player had up to six robots at their disposal, ranging from sniper robots to machine gun robots, etc. Each turn would last some specified amount of time (i.e. 20 seconds) and a game may last up to 5 minutes. What a each player would do is plan his robots movement for one turn (those 20 seconds). He would move them, have them scan and fire, etc. Each player would do this and then the game would "play" the turn out. It was great to watch each turn. Sometimes robots would die, other times they wouldn't see anyone. Once each player watched the turn, they would plan out their next turn and so forth until the game was over. There were conquest, capture the flag modes and a few others.

    Does anyone remember the actual name of this game? I want to hunt it down.
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